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On The Horizon by CanineHybrid

On The Horizon


Jalen and Raine stand together as they traverse this desolate landscape, but stay on their guard as something on the horizon catches their attention.

At long last I completed this bad boy, was a commission for Jalen taken at Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2012. I rarely draw or even offer backgrounds, but this piece definitely required a special touch and proved to be a challenge the entire way through. The entire background was also made from scratch with various brushes, this was my reference for the environment:

I also have a work in progress posting of this piece on my Tumblr here! ->

Jalen © jalen
Raine © duskwolfknight
Art © 2013 canineHybrid canineHybrid


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    Aw that fallout look background, so amazing! Wish I could draw digitally like that!

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      Thank you, I'm glad you appreciated the work that went into that! <3