Riley the GSD [WIP2] FC Photoshoot by CanineHybrid

Riley the GSD [WIP2] FC Photoshoot


29 March 2015 at 21:00:47 MDT

Edit: Video now on YouTube!

Here is an updated look at how Riley is coming along!
I took her to Further Confusion 2013 in a half-finished state (avert your eyes I'm naked!) so I could show off the foamwork and she got a lot of reactions from it. It was also a great test run to determine how the suit would hold up and perform. The biggest goal besides obvious promotion for my work and business was to show others how a suit is put together. I wore a sign on my back that said "What brings a character to life? Come talk to me about suit design and get a sneak peak at what happens behind the scenes in creature costume construction!" I became a walking panel and an visual aid for panels I attended that weekend, which has led me to the idea of keeping her in a half-finished state for panel demonstrations. I'll be making a second version that I'll finish.

Sorry for ruining the magic! |D

Work in progress 1:

Photography © Kyreeth of Dragonscales
Riley, Costume, Touch-ups © 2013 CanineHybrid CanineHybrid