Shadow Lugia Costume [2010] by CanineHybrid

Shadow Lugia Costume [2010]


15 November 2012 at 00:25:21 MST

One of my favorite projects to date, this is my Shadow Lugia costume named "Midnight". First time I got to work with bodypadding and I'm extremely happy what it brought to the final look to give it a wonderful blend of anthropomorphism. It's encouraged me to want to go back and re-do my first few costumes because I'm convinced I could do them a lot better with this kind of look. Midnight won "Most Faithful Recreation" at A-kon 21.

If you are interested in more photos, including the work in progress stages, they're on my Flickr account along with videos that can be found on my YouTube channel.

Artwork, Midnight © 2010: Michelle "Riley" Carbaugh - CanineHybrid

Shadow Lugia © Pokémon/Nintendo


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    fursuiting, you're doing it right.

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      *beams* Thank you for saying so, it's very kind!

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    Looks good! I bet it's fun to slap people with those big hands XD