"Trick or Treat!" :D by Candyfoxy

"Trick or Treat!" :D


22 April 2016 at 15:30:52 MDT

Sorry for Halloween artwork NOW but I need to update my Weasyl gallery. XD

German shepherd in a nurse costume is © Me


Leafeon in the blue chameleon kigurumi is © to nainnain Chameleon kigurumi based off of this: http://blog.animalcostumesshop.co.uk/2013/08/check-out-new-chameleon-kigurumi.html#.VxqXtnq4EQV

P.S. I put my favorite types of candy in there @w@;; but because of getting cavities quite easily in the past I don't eat candy too often anymore unless I have a toothbrush available like 10 min. after I eat it. To me, gum is better than chocolate any day! <3 yus! And other hard candies are yum! ;0;