Venus ref [new] by CandyCorpse

Venus ref [new]


24 July 2015 at 01:32:03 MDT

So decided to go a different direction, not keeping the other one i made the other day in favor of these new character design! I was suddenly very inspired by venus fly traps, i was doodling and came out with this which i just love.

Name: Veunus
Species: Insect-like Alien monster
Although she is attracted to all genders she only has romantic relationships with other women, as with men she has the intense urge to devour them after or even during copulation.
Orientation: Homoromantic Pansexual
Gender: Female
-She is entirely carnivorous. Depending on the size of the prey she may be able to go any where from a day to a month with out feeding again.
-As shown her entire body slits open to trap her prey. Once inside the prey will be ripped apart by tiny teeth, then disgusted with powerful acids.
-Despite all that she is generally a timid kind creature...So long as she isn't hungry. Kept well fed she is very pleasant and sweet.

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    Well. Guess she's very much like the venus fly trap, only for guys? Ah well, I suppose she definitely has the lure for men, heh. Still, though, being digested and crushed like that... not pleasant.

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      She is also based on a pray mantis which are well known to eat their mates. That is where the idea of having the urge to eat male partners comes from. Being eaten alive isn't exactly meant to be a pleasant experience. Its more so terribly painful and horrifying.