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Magical Girl? by cam_wolfe

Magical Girl?


enjoy my magical burly man take on magical girls. costume and original idea spark came off to Mami Tomoe from madoka. This dude basically looks like hes gonna transform and kick some booty or serve me some beers in like some steins or something.

Anyway, the back story is this trio of magical girls looses they're leader gal, his daughter, to some darkness encrusted villain. The situation is super fishy and the death is unexplained by normal means, dad investigates and follows the two other girls (her friends). Shit goes down, they transform and they too start losing to the baddie that killed they're friend. Dad uses that magical trinket his daughter always carried to transform. yadda yadda kicks butt, has to learn the ways of the magical girls from kids basically, yadda yadda, still grief stricken he fights on his own in a futile effort to make sure the same doesn't happen to her friends. Skip ahead skip ahead, in a final confrontation with his daughters killer, finally understanding this grave under taking and huge responsibility his daughter took, was all to protect him and those she loves. He summons the power to finish the evil off for good and finish his daughters work.

cue credits, and sappy song...

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