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Floraverse - Crimson Clad Rams by Cameraman

Floraverse - Crimson Clad Rams


The next cactus dog

Rams is one of the two most trusted guards of Mill Keep, keeping guard over the king’s chamber.
He’s heavily armored and wields a large sword, his combat focus is strength, power and pure iron will.
He’s full of pride for his work and his combat abilities, but sadly he’s also incredibly rude, ignorant, vulgar and also quite loud, which harshly upsets his guard companion.

Of course he isn’t without his virtues, he’s very stubborn and when he does what he thinks is right, there’s no stopping him.
Rams aspires to become an unparalleled fighter, and leave a huge legacy in his wake. He loves the thrill of battle, so if an intruder ever comes along he becomes more excited than angry. And he certainly is stronger than he looks as he can swing his sword with considerate ease.
Since he’s always itching for a fight he is of course easy to anger as well.

he holds the affinities of sand and earth, a bland mix but on the other hand he’s guaranteed to never lose ground!

He also has a habit of giving everyone nicknames, including himself.
"Name’s Rams, but I’d rather be called Ramses mate!"
For instance, he calls Riulept “Big Butcher”, and his companion “Miss Fancy”.

Next up will be the other guard who constantly tolerates this loud guard.

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