Hello! I'm a ditzy but fabu-lous frill necked lizard!

I mostly draw for fun but I'm always looking to expand my skills. I love drawing people's characters, so requests are always welcomed! I'm also interested in fursuiting and planning to save up some money to commission one eventually.

Also Camellia is spelled with two L's, not one. Please ignore the error in my username; thank you!

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Art Trades?

on 17 April 2015 at 20:02:21 MDT

Would anyone be interested in some art trades? Send me a message if you are! I've recently hit a artist block because of a lack of ideas. I'd love to draw some characters.

I should mention that I do not draw anything that is NSFW. Sorry if this is a inconvenience!

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    Thank you so much for following us! We really appreciate the support, hope you enjoy our future work!

    -AppleMonster Studios

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    Hello! I have just seen your introductory post on the Weasyl Forums and I wanted to take the courteous initiative in wishing you a warmest welcome!
    Definitely looking forward to see you around the forums. It is most certainly delightful to see Weasyl brightened up by such a varied selection of exquisite and overly finespun individuals... individuals such as yourself.

    You have some adorable submissions, by the way! Therefore, I commend you!

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      Hello! Thank you for the warm welcome and compliments. <3 I'm hoping to become active on the forums; I haven't gotten a chance yet to post on some threads I found interesting.
      Also I have started following you; your written work looks great. :)

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        It is most appreciated, your following. As for the compliments, they were entirely my pleasure.

        Definitely nice to see more active faces, or faces who are becoming active around here.

        How do you find Weasyl so far, if I may ask?

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          I've been enjoying it! Much more than furaffinity; I still find the layout of that site odd and it feels sort of dated to me. :/ I'm probably the only one who feels that way about the whole 'dated' thing.

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    Thanks for the follow C=.

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    Thanks so much for the fav x3