Furry Documentary Image Artist Statement by CamaroShepherd

Documentary Portfolio

The intent behind this 37 image portfolio was originally to document as many aspects of the Furry Fandom as I possibly could with the intent of giving those who have never seen or heard about this culture a clear, unbiased view into our world. I wanted my images to explain us, to define us. However, as this group of work came together, I realized that my goal was unattainable. I am a Furry and the culture is a large part of my life. I, personally, cannot present a truly unbiased view of world where I myself belong. It also became clear that I would not have the time to document every aspect of the Furry Fandom. This culture is as eclectic as that of any other, and more-so than most.

What I present to you today is but a glimpse into my world. And I say “my world”, because these photographs show just that. This is the Furry Fandom through my eyes and my lens. This is the truth the way I see it. It is still my hope that you will walk away from this body of work drawing your own conclusions, judging myself and my lifestyle as you see fit. I ask you to bear in mind that these 37 images cannot possibly show you all that we are. This portfolio is not complete and may never truly be, as there are infinite aspects of our lives to explore.

Furry Documentary Image Artist Statement


5 March 2013 at 17:29:28 MST

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