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Window Gazing by Caltroplay

Window Gazing


17 April 2014 at 13:40:55 MDT

A Trade I did with Coboye

Coboye wanted to cheer up her good friend Topolis So I ended up drawing her totally adorable character!
It was technically supposed to be a chibi, but I liked her character to where I wanted to give it a more complete appearance with a background and all.
I also tested a little bit of a style choice, to see if the idea of pencil lines will work with some colouring choices.
I'm pretty happy with the result, it looks wonderfully wispy, and wistful (right word?)

I hope I got her right, and I hope things get better! <3

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    CALTRO YOU ARE INCREDIBLE ;___; you did amazing with her! I really love it. Still feel spoiled that Nonus asked for something for me instead of themselves, fff. I really appreciate the draws. The clouds and the reflection in the window are just too neat. Thank you both!! Things are still strained with me but you guys make it so much easier to just take a breath and be positive. <333

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      Nonus is a total sweety!
      I know what it's like to have some really rough waters, so all my feels go out to you for nicer times! <3

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    Completely adorable! Lovein how ya got the background reflecting off the window there with then shine of the moon!

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    Whoa, so much detail. This must have been a handfull to put together, taking lighting and reflections into account. Really awesome result!

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    This is done really well, and is really adorable, good use of cool colours too!

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    wow are you open for trades?
    or commissions