WMC Girl Talk by Caltroplay

WMC Girl Talk


19 January 2014 at 09:40:46 MST

Older art re-post time!
Keep in mind the description below the line is from FA, and may contain things no longer relevant.
If you are the commissioner, let me know what your Weasyl account is so I can properly link it! =^_^=

A With My Character commission for Chazore!

This was a complete pleasure to work on!
The term "Surprise me" works soo well when you know what it means to the commissioner.
That and I often don't get chances to draw Kejta in her various outfits, so I took this chance with them being at a cafe drinking My favourite HOTCHOCOLATE. was tempted to make it orange juice, but it's cold here already and I want to feel warm XD

Now as per the rules with "surprise me"  there are a total of 3 burgers hidden somewhere in the image, I wonder if everyone can find them?


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    Nice background on this! Cute characters. well done.

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    The hidden burgers made me laugh, I only could find two of them. Your coloring is always so lively and pretty. ;w;

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      The 3rd is well hidden and sadly doesn't really show at this resolution, but when I posted it on FA, I had people find a lot more of them. It was kinda spooky XD

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    When this picture was posted on FA, I could see only the big obvious burger. Now as an improvement I could find a second tiny one, but no matter how hard I look, I still can't spot the third one!

    I really like this picture, the characters look very lifelike, having fun and a nice cup of ...joy :P