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19 December 2013 at 21:19:00 MST

Old art cross-post incoming!

Halloween commission \#2 For Vixen11 (FA)

This was an interesting challenge, as I've never watched Zoids (one or two when it first came out, and lost interest immediately)

vixen11 wanted her character Sakura dressed up as a character named Rei Mii, but with a sexy theme.  
It took me a while before I managed to think of Monroe-ing her from the Zoid's vent XD  
(I did have to reference to make the shadow fox look like a shadow fox.)  
I figured it'd be plausible since the Zoids are some form of living machine, and the pilots seem to keep yelling "don't die!!!" 

~Forgive my poor mech skills~


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    This is awesome :D