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:3 Hello welcome to my page I am the same Cailcocat5 on FA.

I have the best boyfriend in the world. We've been together for about seven years.

I love almost all type of art, and for this reason it's not easy for me to keep my style the same.

I've been drawing sense I was vary little. I remember that there wasn't much that I really liked. I knew I liked coloring, painting, and I loved making things even if they didn't turn out just right, but I didn't think much of it.

I've always enjoyed cartoons and animation, but it wasn't until around the 5th or 6th grade that I started to get into anime. Pok'emon was the first anime I've really got sucked into.And if you are into anime it is hard to like just one.
So with any fan base there is bound to be fan art, I found the fan art and thought it was an awesome idea and decided that I wanted to make fan art.

I look at some of my old art work and I see that some are amazing and I can't believe it was something I made about 20years ago ...>.> and some are shameful and can't believe I made them as well, but... for other reasons(they looked like crap).
I still feel I have a long ways to ago before I can say the stuff I make is art.

If you want to give me a tip you can just buy me Coffee

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Live stream and commission

Hey everyone, i know it's been a while but I will be working on posting more. And I will be opening for commissions for $10 no background or badge.
I am going to be streaming tonight as well

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    wish for you long happy peaceful life fulled with love and joy.

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