Caleb's Advice (True Tail Fan Audio) by Calico (critique requested)

Caleb's Advice (True Tail Fan Audio)

Caleb's Advice (True Tail Fan Audio) (critique requested)


11 May 2014 at 02:18:19 MDT

As I mentioned in the description for my other fan audio, after I recorded my audition for Caleb from the upcoming web-series True Tail, I discovered I really enjoyed the voice I'd given him. So one evening I decided to record myself talking in his voice.

I have a pretty good memory for things, and when I realized that I still had Viktor's audition lines memorized I did the only sensible thing possible: I decided to come up with an excuse to make Caleb say them. What resulted is the above, an ad-libbed, unedited rant about the terrible advice Viktor has given the young and impressionable Caleb. Please let me know what you think!

I guess I should note that I only know as much about the characters of True Tail as the audition packet describes. This is a fan piece that is unrelated to the actual story.

The image icon above is from the True Tail website. I didn't draw it!
Please notify me if I need to replace it. Thanks.

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