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Dream Series: Life's A Beach by Caleb

Dream Series: Life's A Beach


8 July 2014 at 20:53:10 MDT

Alternate title.

Just another dream, I had fun with my scratchy textured brush. I was tempted to put people in space suits and have no fire due to missing atmosphere and such but dreams aren't about logical things :3

I think next dream I'm picking will be not extreme weather themed, hah. I'll probably continue doing dreams for awhile yet, they are very enjoyable.


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    UGH That star is gorgeous.

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      Thank you! I think i fussed with it the most~ I love stars.

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    damn dude your work is always great but this one is especially impressive in concept and execution!
    I hope you do continue to do dream-inspired pieces because I LOVE dream imagery, so fascinating!

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      Thanks so much! Dream pieces have been so fun~its almost like working with a still life; the concept and composition has already been laid out for me and all I need to do is attempt to capture it :)