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**Why hello there stranger~. **

Most people know me as Sweet Devil, but you can call me Cal. There's onyl a few people I know who call me Hack, or "The Prince". But any one of 'em is fine with me. :V

I'm not sure what the fudge you people want from me! Gawd! D8<

I'm just the average simpleton. So far all I have up is some random gifts and ancient art. I might randomly update my gallery with some stuff. Not entirely sure yet.

I'm more of a traditional artist more than digital, but I still give it a shot every now and then. Don't blame me when your eyes fall out of your head though if you ever stop by and check out my stuff BD

I don't really talk to people much, but I don't mind making new friends and all. I don't bite.

I'm addicted to Cantaloupe, Watermelon, and Cotton Candy. I could eat that chizz all day if I could! <3

I guess that's really all I have to say..Don't come looking for me if you see some random story up because I can promise you it'll probably be terrible since I never really pay attention to the things I write. My mind's a giant mess. XD

Welp. That's it. Shoo~ Shoo~ No candy for you. BC

Latest Journal

Chinese Buffet

on 30 April 2013 at 19:26:45 MDT

So...I went to a Chinese Buffet restaurant with the family.

Tried some new things, had some good laughs and all.

Had oyster for the first time(Grilled and seasoned)

And then...

I saw they had RAW oyster.

So, being the derp I am, I try and get someone to try it, but of course, they all pressure me to do it.

So I do.

Damn near killed myself trying to swallow it.

Tasted funny.

Felt funny.

My throat will never be the same.



I'll have a temporary hate towards Chinese food now.

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