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jfc by cakebutt



10 April 2014 at 16:15:54 MDT

i literally have the worst atblock rn
doubled up with a butt tone of art college homework
plus an extensional crisis

i think it's safe to say that im really bummed out right now & i just wanna sleep for at least a year

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    omg cake bby ; A ; //hugs you

    I hope you'll get better soon sobs
    I hate to know you're feeling this way aah--

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      //snuggles into you
      Night-sempai-- you are too nice to me ; - ; <3

      but ye, i hope this feeling goes away soon u v u
      had a pretty good day tho so im drawing all i can before i slip back into that feeling, uggh orz;;

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        That's just normal omg bby I'm worried sobs and clings to you

        Aah that makes me really happy to hear //weeps
        I hope that your days will gradually continue to be good ; 3 ;

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          i-im just so grateful, hun q v q <33

          eeee thank you-- im slowly getting better, & i'll hopefully start on my character for Re-H later
          but i have no clue atm so we'll see u v u~
          //whispers really loving your bbu-- such a qt hhh <3

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            Awww bby no need to be, really ; o ; <333

            Aah that's great to hear hhnn ; u ;
            And please no rush with that-- as long as you don't feel like it, you don't have to force yourself omg--
            also if you want us to, the other mods can help brainstorming-- it's really helpful and fun haha

            but aah thank you-- I've also come to really like how he turned out aah--

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              Ahh i just wanna get it done soon, ya know ; v ;
              cause i'm a (coughcough useless) mod so i definitely have to follow the rules & submission date--
              but it's quite a way off so i should be fine u vu

              thanks for the support //sniffsniff holds uuu <33

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                pfpfffftt-- you're not a useless mod omg bby noooo-- //strokes
                but yeah-- you've got like two weeks left-- hope that'll be enough ; u ;

                of course bby hnng-- //squeezes

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    I hope things will turn better. You can fight your art block, because you're strong, and over it

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      Thankyou hun ; v ; i really appreciate the support <3 //huggles u

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        I'm with you! <3