Cheeky Nytal: Series Image #1 by Caitybee

Cheeky Nytal: Series Image #1


10 June 2016 at 11:32:21 MDT

Nytal Art Series - Image #1: Cheeky Nytal

From June 10th through 20th my character Nytal will be making appearances in exclusive artwork. I will be posting most of my artwork in the series onto a few art sites I currently am active with.

  • SoFurry - Ecliptic
  • DeviantART - Caitybee
  • Weasyl - Caitybee
  • FurAffinity - JuCa4
  • Patreon - Jujubee - Support me for exclusive artwork files, and early releases.

You will be eligible to receive the following if you pledge to me on Patreon:
1. Critique my artwork and offer your own creative opinion.
2. Have an opportunity to get your character drawn with one of my own in special art collaborations.
3. Receive extra entries into contests I host in the future.
4. 10-20% off all commissions (available on certain pledge amounts).
5. Be first in line for special art sales and auctions.
6. A chance to win FREE artwork from me.
7. Have your input on the design of up-coming characters.

NSFW pieces in this series will be posted to Weasyl, SoFurry, and FurAffinity only.

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Next piece in this series will be a NSFW piece featuring my NEW character Trexx, who hasn't been released yet.

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