Coon Costumes~ by CaineTheLongshot

Coon Costumes~


30 October 2016 at 17:15:44 MDT

Now that they both have new costumes chosen, Maddy and Haru can both go out for some trick or treating without risk of Haru getting na... oi, the dress is meant to cover your legs!


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    Awwwwww how cuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!! <3!!!!!!
    I wanna hug them both so bad!!! (gives Madeline lots of healthy shep-coon kisses while tickling Haru's kneecaps playfully)

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      Both of them pounce-huggle the Maxyshepcoon~!

      Also, if you keep tickling those knees, he might be forced to pull his dress back down~!