CM: The King, The Bone, And The Brat by CadaverousDingo

CM: The King, The Bone, And The Brat


1 December 2014 at 07:05:21 MST

This is Waffles, Monarch, and Mara... A bulldog and two papillons that belong to the sister of the person who commissioned me to draw this as a christmas present which they're going to order it off a site so they can give it to her all nice and fancy like. These are caricatures... thus why they're not that realistic.

Waffles apparently loves his bone, so that's why he's got the bone, Monarch is the eldest and the king, that's why he's got the crown and signs of aging (and the longest hair) and Mara is a derpy cutie who's missing most her teeth so that's why her tongue is out and she's posed cutely.

As far as I can tell, the commissioner really likes it and I hope their sister likes it <3 This is my first time drawing a bulldog and I'm pretty happy with the result, to be honest.

This art is not to be copied or distributed without myself, the commissioner's, AND the gifted's permission. These are specific dogs who are loved in their furever home, please respect that.
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