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Crystals by CactusBloomArt



This was in my daily sketchbook from last year! I looked up references of crystals and reduced them to black and white in my drawings. Done with ballpoint pen.

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Visual / Traditional


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    Those look really, really good! I love traditional ink stuff like this! :)

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      Thank you :) Me too, though inking is hard for me since my hand isn't steady!

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        My arthritis means my hands aren’t too steady either. I’ve done some inking things to make up for most of them (the double inking of lineart I do is one) I totally understand what you mean! :)

        You’re very welcome! :D

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          Oh, that's too bad, but at least you're still challenging yourself! I've been doing a lot more inking lately and I think I'm getting better. Yay Inktober! I think I also have to train myself to do slower strokes so that I'm more careful. (Doing strokes digitally is so different because if you draw slowly, the stroke could be wobbly, and if you mess up drawing quickly, there's "undo"!)

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            It sucks to get old, that's for sure! nods

            You have about seven months to practice for Inktober! :D

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              I can imagine!

              That's true, I've been practicing and did well last Inktober so I'm excited :) But of course I don't want the summer to go by too fast.

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                Yeah.......I want warmer weather, but I’m not ready to look towards the NEXT winter! XD

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    I have that same pen! I usually am not a fan of ballpoint pens, but it flows so smoothly and isn't gloopy. You used it very well making these crystals~

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      Thank you so much! Yes, these pens are wonderful for inking. I've bought "inking pens" and they just aren't as easy to use, because they don't flow smoothly like these.