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Glory by CactusBloomArt



G1 Glory!

Character belongs to Hasbro
Art belongs to me
You may use this as long as you credit me :)

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    The Pony that had all the storybooks and stickers in her favor. I have...............a number of those, as well as a rubber stamp of Glory. But I never had the Pony myself (a friend did, though). chuckle

    Very nicely done! :D

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      Nice! I hadn't even heard of Glory until a few years ago (I totally missed Gen 1) but she was suggested by someone on MLPArena!

      Thank you :)

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        I still wonder why Glory was used for all the kids books and stuff out of all of the characters, she was barely in the original animated feature (she was in rollerskates................I don't know why! XD), but maybe its her color scheme and that's why Lauren Faust kind of remade her as part of what Twilight Sparkle (a combo of Glory and Twilight) is? :)

        You're very welcome! :D

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          Yeah, true. I don't remember seeing her much in the animations.

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            I guess in "Escape From Katrina", Baby Glory was shown a lot in it..............! chuckle

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              Ah, I'll have to rewatch it. For some reason I've been wanting to rewatch the G1 movies but I haven't had the time :(

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                It's hard to find an unedited version in good condition...........for either of them anymore. It was rather disappointing that Shout! Factory had to release them as the "cut episodes" that were later shown airing in the t.v. series little 15-minute time-slots. But the cut versions are still watchable. :)