Spring and Winter Foxes by c0sm0

Spring and Winter Foxes


18 February 2014 at 05:01:06 MST

Ok let's be honest, I actually love ukanmuriβ's works. Is that the flow and how the characterization of them were just perfect that I can consider themselves as impressive cute works. Including some of his.......uh.......saucier ones.

On this, I fell in love on the foxes that he draw so well, they're all so fluffy cute and got that impressive style into them. The other thing is that even in chibi, they stand out incredibly nice, each of them had a nice flow and tone, and also their characterization were amazing in the description. I can't understand Japanese thought but I just look at the pictures and see how well done they are. So here I decided to draw two of his seasonal foxes, the Spring one and the Winter one (Yes they're both female). They both look pretty cute, and I would have drawn Summer and Autumn hopefully, but Spring and Winter ones were waaay too cute.

This has the feeling of let's hold hands before the season passes. Wouldn't know enough since I'm not that entirely creative with all of my pictures. But it all came out nicely.

I do hope you all like them.

Sai + Photoshop, Wacom Intuos Manga

Spring and Winter Fox © ukanmuriβ
Art is mine

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    coeeet ♥

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    Now this kicks ass! Good job. ;P