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The reason I got into art in the first place is because in 2002 I saw a picture of a lizard person on a D&D forum and thought it was the raddest shit ever. You can quote me on that, but be sure to credit it to "Stupid Asshole, 2016".

I'm a gay dude with (diagnosed, by a professional, after a long and painful process of elimination) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I like lizards, dergs and 90s PC games. I'd love to chat with you. Probably.

Will do Trades if I'm not too busy.
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Will not do Requests that pertain to other folks' OCs, ask about a Trade.
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If you like any of my designs, worlds, settings, feel free to draw them or rip them off. I don't care. Credit me if you feel like it.

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on 18 December 2017 at 09:48:39 MST

I set myself some goals this year. I only sorta half hit 'em.

Here's a rundown:
☑ Post more - Turns out some is more than none so mission accomplished. The bulk of my work I still don't finish and post so I guess I need to work on that.
☑ Draw more outside of studies - Of what little I made this year, most of it wasn't studies so. Woo.
☑ Sort through 2016 backlog - Sorted. Not much to say here.

☒ Learn a game engine, make something with it - I learned a bit of Unreal 4 and a bit of Unity. Inability to decide on a project is ultimately what stopped me from going any further with that.
☒ Create a more rigid schedule for studies - I almost put off art studies entirely.

3/5. My productivity in 2017 was, all things considered, pretty underwhelming.

In more general news, the university I've been putting off continuing study at has restructured its creative media courses, solving most of my gripes insofar as the coursework no longer involves mandatory units centered around writing unrelated Liberal Arts papers that take massive chunks of time and effort away from the relevant coursework in the actual animation degree so I'm considering returning next year. The whole thing feels a bit fucky, though, because in the year I did spend there I spoke to multiple lecturers that swore up and down that the exact stuff they've just now dropped from the degree would be totally relevant in a creative art career and I just didn't have enough experience to realize it yet. My options outside of returning to uni are pretty shit, though, and besides the subjects that have now been dropped, the relevant coursework certainly wasn't bad.

So that's probably what 2018's gonna be all about for me. That, or returning to work and stagnating all over again.

Anyway, I'd better stop rambling now. Happy holidays.

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