Gallery looking a little empty? Check the Toxic Waste Dumping Zone 2017 folder for more raw garbage radical hot artz.

There's also a process pieces folder for WIP versions of work that I've finished.

The reason I got into art in the first place is because in 2002 I saw a picture of a lizard person on a D&D forum and thought it was the raddest shit ever. You can quote me on that, but be sure to credit it to "Stupid Asshole, 2016".

I'm a gay dude with (diagnosed, by a professional, after a long and painful process of elimination) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I like lizards, dergs and 90s PC games. I'd love to chat with you. Probably.

Will do Trades if I'm not too busy.
Will do Requests that pertain to my own worlds or characters if they interest me.
Will not do Requests that pertain to other folks' OCs, ask about a Trade.
Commissions? Maybe later, when I'm more consistent.

If you like any of my designs, worlds, settings, feel free to draw them or rip them off. I don't care. Credit me if you feel like it.

Please don't roleplay at me, thanks.


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Won't be using this account any more.

on 20 November 2019 at 10:29:38 MST

This isn't super important because I rarely have any art worth posting anywhere any more but if I do start posting work again, I'll probably be doing it exclusively on my Furaffinity page over at

I'd like to keep my work mirrored here, but Weasyl has been so full of errors that it's been impossible to navigate for the past 6 or so months. I had to refresh an error page 5 times to even get to the submission page to start writing this journal and so far I've hit 2 more error pages just trying to post it. It doesn't seem to be worth maintaining this account if the site itself is barely holding together.

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    "Ass Apparition" Genius. I hope you understand that you represent one of the most terrifying SCPs known to date.

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    It's the posterior poltergeist!

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    Your sketches are cute. Also: "Man-tits2 the revenge" Omigod I used to have that problem too. xD

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    Thank you for following!
    A bit of a generic compliment, but just display your kindness didn't go unnoticed!

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    snorts It may be lack of sleep, but your username just made me burst out laughing omfg
    Thank's for the fave XD

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    Thank you for the follow! :)