Ellie And Quentin - Selfie by Burlap

Ellie And Quentin - Selfie


7 January 2017 at 21:31:40 MST

Quentin(Is My Sona) And Ellie (Is My GF's Sona)
Ellie Is More Of The Outgoing, And Social One... While Quentin Is More Of A Loner And Shutin, Though Quentin Is Genuinely A Nice Skunk, He Kinda Needs A Push To Be More In Public Places (Once He's Around Others He Slowly Loosens Up).... Ellie Is Always A Spark To The Party, And Is Also Mellow... Go To Trusting Friend (When She Gets To Know You)
Quentin And Ellie Are Close Friends...
This Picture Sums Up Quentin And Ellie.
My GF Drew This ... So Art Done By KORUPIJONES (Instagram)/ Www.WhiteSpyVictory[at]DeviantArt.Com