To This Nature, So Unnatural by BuoyantB!tch

To This Nature, So Unnatural


18 May 2013 at 15:07:00 MDT

(An older drawing)

I cannot stay here, I cannot leave,

Just like all I loved, I make believe.

Imagine heart, I disappear, seems,

No one will appear here and make me real.

There are no flowers, no not this time,

There'll be no angels gracing the lines,

Just these stark words, I find.

I'd show a smile, but I'm too weak,

I'd share with you could I only speak,

Just how much this, hurts me.

This Time Imperfect by A.F.I.:

Drawn traditionally and outlined & colored in Paint Tool SAI.

Art © buoyantbtch

Darkwing Duck/Bushroot © Tad Stones and Disney

Song & Lyrics © A.F.I.