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Hey y'all and welcome to Bunnyfox Designs!

This is my dedicated page to artwork done by yours truly, Pico! I've been illustrating artwork for close to 15 years now, steadily improving my game and hoping that it shows in all my work! Through this page, and others like it online, you'll find pieces of furry artwork, both great and amazingly horrible, that I've put time and effort into. Most of my content revolves around LGBT works of furry characters, and there can be some NSFW works, so please be aware!

Hope you enjoy your stay, and thanks for your support!


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Latest Journal

March Update - Moving, Posting Schedule, Open for Commissions

Hey everyone,
Hope everyone is doing well right now, and keeping safe! We're now at the end of March and I figured I'd give a quick status update for what's coming up ahead in the coming month. 
<3 THANKS SO MUCH!!!! <3
Before I move to far ahead, I'd like to first thank everyone for all the new follows/watches/faves that my accounts have been getting. After over a decade doing art in some capacity online, it felt strange to transition my works into the new Bunnyfox Designs name, but I'm glad people still are enjoying my works. It genuinely means the world to me!
Moving to DTLA
So starting off, I'm in the middle of a transition from my current den near Disneyland into a new place in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. I'm excited for the move and it should be a smooth transition, but there's a possibility that I may post the next page to Home Alone a little later than my usual Saturday evenings. 
Upcoming Posts
On top of the possible delay in Home Alone's next page, there's a possibility that my next image will be delayed from the usual Tuesday posting a tiny bit as well. I'll have that shared as soon as I can. On top of that, I'm actually beginning to run out of art that I did over the last 2 years, so we might see a drop in my weekly content releases.  I'm trying to produce new images at a faster rate than before, but there's only so much time for art when balancing real life concerns, on top of a lack of new commissions in recent months. You can always check out my Patreon to see more content as it's released, since I might start posting up WIP and rougher sketches on there as well.
Open for Commissions
Lastly, I'm reopening my commissions for everyone! I've got a few pictures left to finish on my backlog, but if you've been itching for a piece of my art, now's the best time to sign up. My base prices online are a bit out of date, so I'll give a quick rundown:

  • Sketches/Headshots - $25

    • Up to 2 Characters; Light Shading (Upon Request);  Colors for Headshot (Upon Request)

  • Flat Color Commission - $50

    • Up to 2 Characters; Simple Background (Upon Request); 

  • Full Color Commission - $75

    • Up to 2 Characters; Detailed Background (Upon Request);

  • Reference Sheet/Character Design - $100-300

    • Single Character, Multiple Viewpoints; Color Palette; Name and Text Bio

Payments are done via PayPal, and I'm usually flexible with payment schedules and the like. It may take some time to get an image done, so please be patient, and as always, I'll update you with WIP images and status updates as I work on your piece. Just talk to me if you're interested and we'll get started!

And with that, we're all up to date on news and info. I look forward to posting more images soon and....
See Y'all Again Real Soon!

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Colored (Flat w/o Shading)
$ 70.00
Colored w/ Shading
$ 100.00

Reference Sheets

Character Details + Color Palette + Various POVs (Front & Side/Back)
from $ 200.00
to $ 500.00


$ 20.00
$ 40.00

So you're looking to feature in a brand new picture, and that lead you over to me? Well, I'm flattered, so let's get started.

So, for the most part, I'm willing to negotiate regarding content for a picture, regardless of NSFW or SFW status. Feel free to talk to me about it, and we can work out whether I'm a good fit for your piece or not. Additionally, if you don't have an idea, but still want an image, I'm fairly good at coming up with ideas for images, so don't hesitate if that's a concern. If you have any previous images or reference materials, that could help me out, but it's not a necessity.

All images include up to 2 characters.

I've been a lot busier in recent years than I was when I first got started with my art, so it's sometimes difficult to complete projects at a quicker pace. That being said, I'll keep you posted on the time frame and progress for any project and update you on if there's been any changes.

I do take my payments via PayPal, so head's up. I am usually willing to negotiate on prices to a degree, but they're listed here so you know the general rates. Since I'll be updating you on the progress of the pic throughout the creation process, if corrections or mistakes are spotted down the line, I will discuss how to proceed at that point, but it can include smaller additional payments. You can pay completely upfront if that's preferable, or pay a smaller initial payment and pay off your balance before receiving the final work.



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