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NOTE: do not post my arts / commissions to other sites. i do not give permission to repost any of my arts or anything to other sites.

Hello everyone, im a beginner artist just looking to submit my stuff and look at other peoples works and even commission some arts.
i am an adult only artist and i do not draw nsfw cubs or anything underage.
i also want to note that i draw chars short because its easier for me. regardless they are still adult.

i came here looking for a place to fit in. im not looking for fame or fortune, just looking to make some friends and share art with those who are wanting to share cute arts with others.

i do not take commissions, requests or trades. i may take a trade with a very close friend but other then that its a no.

about me:

my sona is a white lop eared rabbit, and i draw in a cute style. my sona can also take another form that is a lop rabbit fused with a Banette from pokemon which he is called Bunette. hes a naughty boy who tries to voodoo unsuspecting people, though not for malicious purposes. i try to make my sona as cute and as adorable as possible because cute and adorable is what i am.

i have many characters who i will be relocating here to, i hope you all will like them.
i do a mix of sfw and nsfw as well.
i dont have many kinks, if any at all. most of the stuff i draw / commission is not kink based.
my arts are 18+ or adult rated, i do not and will never draw any kind of nsfw cub art.
all of my arts are adult, my characters are adults. i do have younger characters however, and they are for story purposes and are not to be drawn with random characters.

even in the darkest of nights... i see... the moonlight...



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