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Bumble by bumbleberry



Mmmmmy fursona, Berry.

I tried to make her look more like. an actual furry, welp. I will learn how to do non-human drawings eventually.

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    Really cute! If you want to make your fursona look more "furry", moving the eyes down a bit might help as cats' eyes compared to there cranium are quite low down and considerably larger!

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      Thanks!! That actually sounds like it will help a lot.

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        No problem! I really like your art. You've just got another follower!

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    Well, the feet are legs are slightly different normally, paw pads, maybe adding a bit of the fur/ hair color down below arounds the hands, back and sides to start showing more of a creature. that way it makes more of the point that she's not human. It can take awhile to find a comfortable way to draw it, I spent weeks drawing just anthro before i felt remotely comfortable. Another thing you might want to add is whiskers.

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      Thanks for the tips!! I'll definitely try some of those things. I'm like, just starting out with furry stuff so wish me luck, haha. Though what you said will totally help me. <3

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        Don't worry, I'm still learning myself, they really are fun and interesting to draw, because of anthro I've felt better about drawing feral, animals frankly always scared me to draw so this in between just felt nice to me. I've started drawing more anthro then I have human lately because they are really entertaining.