Portrait Series: PSA Bunny by Bugswithfurcoats

Portrait Series: PSA Bunny


10 January 2019 at 16:28:43 MST

The fourth and last entry (for now) in this portrait series is... Persephone the PSA Bunny! Who... might be my fursona? Maybe?

(It's a little awkward having a name that shortens to "Bugs" and having a bunny 'sona, though?)

AH, that's right! I never uploaded any of the PSA Bunny comic here to Weasyl! Perhaps I shall save it for when it is more relevant again, but if you're curious, you can read my Poll Site Survival guide here.

I hope the cream shadows don't make her look too "Lola Bunny." Maybe she should be a brown bunny instead...

It's fitting that this one of my own character, the one without a strong color to paint over mistakes, has the most blips and bloops on it.

So... what do you think of these portraits? Do you think I should offer these for commission?

Ugh, I did a WHOLE thing on watercolor supplies, but then I realized I was going on too long so I cut it. I don't think anyone's looking to me for advice on watercolors. Maybe you should just watch these videos on how paint quality and paper quality effect performance.

I will say that these QoR watercolors do live up to their hype. They're very vibrant and strong, and they rewet easily. That said, holy cow, they've very vibrant and the rewet easily, so it's so easy to to pick up too much and overpower your mixes. QoR recently released this adorable little half pan travel set, but those paints are so powerful that I can't imagine using them with a water brush without going nuts. If you're curious about them, you probably should just get the normal sets, put paints in a more normal, spread out palette, and use a lot of water. 

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