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Final Straw by buffbumblebee

Final Straw


Really wanted to make a follow up to my previous artwork with Shennanigma's Mika.

“Same shit different day” your friend muttered while the both of you were walking into room thirty-five. This was going to be your 5th and last day of detention. You were sent there because of some crap you and your friend pulled last week during lunch break. Although the rubber bodysuit, posture collar and ball gag where unconformable that couldn’t stop you and your friend from messing around during this hour (although you did get scolded by the teacher a few times).

It was 15:55 when Ms. Mika entered the room and secured everyone to their seat. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until she reached your seat when she have gave you one of the coldest stares you’ve ever seen. Kind of surprised by her look you scrambled get your work together and started working on your homework.

About 20 minutes had passed when a crumbled paper ball landed on your desk, it was from your friend asking if you’re down to grab some food after detention. You were ready to throw a paper ball from yourself when you suddenly heard the loud clicks of high heels approaching you from behind, it was Ms. Mika and she definitely saw what you were about to do. She stood there towering over you like a Goliath a she proceeds to yank the ball gag out of your mouth and yells…

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