Cedar Chest by BudgieBin

Cedar Chest


26 January 2014 at 09:16:24 MST

Original post, with before/after photos: http://budgiebin.tumblr.com/post/71308013491/budgiebin-before-and-after-the-cedar-chest

This is my gift to my mother in law for her miraculous recovery from alcoholism, which began 3 days before Christmas 4 years ago. She has helped and given me so much in that time, and I have never been able to reciprocate. This chest, which she damaged the night she was arrested, will always bear the scar, but it is new again and back with its rightful owner.

While the past can never be forgotten, it can always be improved upon.

This project offered her some closure, and also serves as a reminder of why I got into woodworking in the first place - to bring old craftsmanship new life. With some maintenance, the finish will only get better from here.

(finish: rubbed linseed oil)

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    Gosh that is a nice che- oh a shelf what's th- COOL RASIN TOY OH MY GOSH.

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      I wish I'd gotten the top of that bookshelf in the shot, there's a giant wooden Buddha head on it. That house is full of cool curios..

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        I bet. But in seriousness, the chest looks gorgeous. I'm amazed at how well you were able to repair it. If you didn't tell me it'd been burnt I wouldn't know - The wood just looks aged.

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          Thanks :D Some of that is due to the low lighting in my MIL's home. I'm not a photographer, so I don't know how I could have improved that. In bright natural light the chest it really glows with amazing depth and contrast between a practically white and red striped grain. The burn marks come out more then. I think it adds character, personally, and it's all a lovely metaphor.

          One of the things I like to do is lightly burn wood with a propane torch before oiling. The grain ends up very rich and high-contrast. If I'd had the time, I could have done that to help mask the permanent torch marks... but on the other hand, it would have obscured the rich color of the cedar. I've only done it on pine before - I should try on colored wood at some point.

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    Wow, gorgeous! :-o

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    looks great!