Shiba Sez by BudgieBin

Shiba Sez


28 June 2018 at 11:11:03 MDT

I bought some tiny canvas boards to experiment with! This is 2 inches square, and quite sturdy!

This one's in watercolor, which was a challenging experiment unsuited for the canvas. For the next ones, I'll use acrylic!

I'm open for tiny portraits in this style! I'm offering them for $35. Pin it to your bag. Decorate your fridge. Hang it in a tiny frame. Hang it in a giant frame. Tape it to the ceiling and see how long before someone notices it! Hide it in your friend's house, to be discovered days or even weeks later for that sweet, sweet delayed gratification. The possibilities are endless with these pocket-sized paintings. Price covers shipping in the contiguous US, and is available through private commission.

I have 7 canvasses in this compact 2" size. I accept Paypal,, and some cryptocurrencies.

If you like my art and would like to give me a tip, I will also sketch for ko-fi donations at

You can also follow my art twitter @tsunderdog, where I'm much more active.

I will be republishing my website in July, which I want to keep as an active content hub for my art, photography, and other stuff I do. It's been inactive since January, and I can't let it slip any longer. x3 What do you expect or like to see from an artist's website?