Looking a Little Pale by BudgieBin (critique requested)

Looking a Little Pale (critique requested)


1 May 2018 at 19:43:10 MDT

I decided to try playing with my art style today!

This is the first building block for what I hope will be a larger product. I started using Inkscape again for vector art. I thought about it and realized that my very MANUAL art process was potentially very inefficient, so why not try vectors for a nice, buttery smooth look instead! I didn't like my first attempt with color, but next I tried focusing just on the linework to add color manually later. In the end, I chose to go for a black and white "print comic" style. I actually really like it x3

I watch shows and listen to music while I draw. I was inspired by Aggressive Retsuko ("Aggretsuko") and its simple art style. It was a real cute show! I love the secretary bird and gorilla senpais and I feel like Kaye would probably be like the tiny fennec girl in an office setting. I liked it a lot. :3

Kaye's birthday is May 4th, by the way. I'm getting a present ready!

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