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Relina's soul swap mistake by Buckwheat

Relina's soul swap mistake


27 April 2021 at 12:44:17 MDT

Relina: "Something must have happened when I tried linking our enchantments. I think we ended up in the other's body?"

Roxie: "Uh, you think? Last I checked you weren't six feet tall. Not to mention you're wearing my clothes now."

Relina: "Oh, this could be a really tricky situation to fix. I'm not sure if I can use my powers to link our enchantments with your body or not."

Roxie: "Oh that's just great! How am I going to go around doing my delivery job now? No-one's going to recognize me, and I doubt I'll fit on my electric bike now."

Relina: "I-uh... don't worry? If I can't use my powers in your body, maybe you can use them in my body now? I'll have to teach and explain how to use them though."

Roxie: "Is that going to take long?"

Relina: "Uh, if you're good at using them and learn quickly. We might be able to get back to normal in a month or so."

Roxie: "Ugh, I hope that's not the case then."

Relina: " might be that case. I can't really feel or grasp for a link between our enchantments."

Roxie: "Rotten luck. I guess that means we're hitting the books on this then."

A goofy follow up to my April Fools pic from this year. This time with an added story.