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Chuck's Entire Tribe


6 October 2015 at 20:00:47 MDT

The entirety of the small, desert-dwelling gnoll tribe that Chuck's a part of. Ordered from left to right is pecking order of the tribe.

From left to right:

Hyra: Hyra is a hybrid of a gnoll and a flind and larger than both. She's absolutely colossal by gnoll standards with a thick, heavy build to boot. She's the leader of the straggling band of gnolls, and is smart, assertive. She exudes confidence and power and will fight to protect the tribe as best she can.

Gnarla: Among gnolls she would be the "midwife". She's thick, strong, and protective. Gnarla watches over the cubs of the tribe and protects the weak and sick. She's compassionate, yet fierce. Currently she's the tribe's "designated breeder" and has given birth to Aeli, Rok, and Riz.

Krysh: The second oldest surviving member of the tribe, Krysh is a battle hardened warrior. She's extremely skilled in combat and martial arts and serves as a wise older teacher to the young and wreckless. Krysh has survived long enough to see the tribe's influence diminish over time, and stays with the tribe preserve their history and lands they still control.

Vesky: The tribe's only flind, Vesky holds a strong position as one of the tribe's most dangerous warriors. He isn't necessarily the skilled, or even those most intelligent (in fact he's quite dull)- but he's tenacious, strong and stubborn. Vesky has been slash, impaled, burned, and much more and he always presses forward as if they are a mild annoyance. Vesky is attracted to and continues to try to court Hyra, despite her disinterest in his feats and advances

Ekka: Ekka's wild, brazen, and energetic. She's a dangerous and scrappy berserker of a warrior and loves to fight. Ekka's the most frequent in-fighter of the tribe, often starting play fights, wrestling bouts, and bareknuckle boxing matches on a daily basis. She's Ruvi's daughter and Chuck's older sister and she picks on Chuck frequently as a way to "toughen him up".

Opuntia: The tribe's ace hunter, Opuntia is extremely skilled with a spear and knife and their best tracker. She's quiet, patient, and shy, and often spends more time out on hunts with her brother, Scruff or enjoying spending time wiith Perra.

Lune: Older and wiser than she looks, Lune serves as the tribe's shaman. She communicates with the spirits and elements and serves as the tribe's healer. Lune is fairly reserved but offers help, stories, and advice to others with a smile. Lune is sweet and compassionate. She works herbalism and medicine with her son, Shy.

Reuben: A large, boisterous gnoll, Reuben is the tribe's "foodie". He's set in charge of rations, food prep, cooking, and in part- farming. And it has shown itself in the portions he's slipped to the side for himself. He's quite talkative (particularly when he's greased his tongue with a bit of his own booze) and has a passion for what he does. He loves big women and has a crush on Gnarla, tho he wouldn't admit it.

Scruff: High energy, jokester and prankster. Scruff is the tribe's trapper and one of their hunters. He often turns his skills to making clever traps to goof with his mates. Scruff loves chatting things up with Reuben, and usually hits him up for long periods of time during his meat deliveries from hunts. Scruff's sister is Opuntia and while Scruff jabs on and jokes during hunts, she quietly acknowledges and throws him a smile every so often.

Ruvi: The oldest gnoll of the tribe, Ruvi just sticks around. He's got nearly unrivaled determination and tenacity, possibly only matched by his son, Chuck. To many outsiders, Ruvi would seem a "lame duck" being so old and blind, but he's still got some kick. Ruvi used to be the tribe's most powerful and skilled warrior and still holds onto some of these traits. He navigates using his staff and tapping on his metal bracelets for echolocation, and can do so in combat. Ruvi is very snarky and sarcastic- making humor at others as well as himself. He's very positive and has a swell demeanor.

Syd: The tribe's "smith" even tho they have no actual forge. Syd does the best she can at building and maintaining weapons and gear for the gnolls. She's quite resourceful for the limited materials available to her and often works with Chuck for coming up with creative ways to use what they have at hand for different purposes. She comes off very stoic and and almost humorless, but in reality, she's just quiet and monotone.

Perra: A quiet loner, Perra spends most of her time out and away from the tribe, finding more comfort in the harsh wilderness and the desert than that of her companions. She's very quiet and shy, finding solace with other animals. She's a naturally good tamer and animal trainer, but often doesn't bring animals home due to their limited resources putting a damper on having pets.

Shy: Son of Lune, and a sort of apprentice to her craft. He's shown a lot of interest in studying herbalism, medicine, and mixing and crafting strange and new concoctions with his skills. He's clever, quiet, but short tempered and easily annoyed- particularly by Scruff's antics (especially concerning projects he might have with his alchemy). Shy likes to learn and spends much time around the elders with their stories, Syd with her crafting, or any books they might find from raids or caravans. Shy's terribly nearsighted and has been making do with an old, broken pair of spectacles the tribe procured from a trader raid years ago.

Grot: The tribe's tanner, he works and maintains the leather that they use and he's good at what he does. However, Grot is crass, rude, arrogant, and seems to have a problem with standards of hygiene, making him unbearable to be around in more ways than one. His hut and tanning operations are situated far from the center of the the tribe and most of the tribe would want nothing to do with him if they had a choice.

Weese:Weese is a craven, selfish, lazy, and cowardly individual. If it weren't for his fear of going out alone, he probably would have left the tribe for better opportunities had they presented themselves. He doesn't like competition and has been known to steal and hoard his own food and treasure away from the rest of the tribe- an act that at one point lost him his hand when trying to steal from caravaneers before his tribe's raiding party arrived.

Chuck: Chuck is the smallest, meekest runt of the entire tribe and one of the lowest in pecking order. He doesn't let his size get the better of him nonetheless, he is constantly filled with optimism and determination. He hopes one day he can become strong and heroic- a protector of the tribe for his mates to be proud of. He's always with a good demeanor and very clever and resourceful. Despite the bullying he receives from his sister, he still loves his sister, Ekka and his father, Ruvi.

Riz: One of the twins of Gnarla's, Riz is the stronger of the pair. She loves wrestling, climbing, and exploring with her twin brother, Rok. Together both of them get in and cause large amounts of trouble.

Rok: The other twin, Rok is the more curious and inquisitive of the two. He loves playing with "toys" (see skulls, bones, plants, and small animals) they find, shooting things with his sling, and exploring with Riz.

Aeli: The youngest member of the whole tribe, Aeli is quiet, naive, and shy. He doesn't talk much to others but is known to whisper to a tiny figment he can summon he calls "Pip". The other gnolls know of this and many speculate he migh have latent arcane powers. However, none would be able to mentor him as mages are quite rare (as in nonexistant) to the tribe and their history.

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    Lots of neat characters, but I think Reuben is my favorite~

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    now to go over it all and lineart it and color it and call it EXTRA done. D:

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    I really love all the different expressions on the characters in this one. Great work!