Hyper Combo Finish EP by Buck

Hyper Combo Finish EP


24 September 2020 at 16:51:11 MDT

Rhythm Guitars, Vocals: Alfredo
Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals: Paprika
Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals: Ed
Drums: Leaf

Produced by: Pete Mauser
Recorded in Exit Mouse Studios, Paradocks City, 2019

Alfredo would like to thank: my D&D group, my Brawlchemy fans, Penny's Pizza for giving us our first gig, and Scamp.

Paprika would like to thank: Paradocks College of Art and Design, Bobbie at Club Harajuku for making everything sound good every time we take the stage, and Evi.

Ed would like to thank: Marco and the fellas at Fisherman's Wharf, Sanjay at Salt Lodge for giving me the courage to join a band, Domingo and Al for always getting us into mischief, and Comet.

Leaf would like to thank: Tokens Arcade, Dave Growl, Buck, Tiff and Judy for keeping it real Paradocks Drum Shop in Mechanicsville for the discount on drum heads, and Eluti.

Hyper Combo Finish would like to thank: Ishirou Honda, Bela Legosi, Capcom, Mischief Cat, Exit Mouse, Jamie Hewlett, and every fan that ever came to any of our shows.

Extra special thanks to Sawao Yamanaka, Yoshiake Manabe, and Shinichirou Sato. We will always and forever be Little Busters.

Mischief Cat and Exit Mouse present: Hyper Combo Finish. Hyper Combo Finish is an in-game virtual band behind many of our game's soundtracks.

Their first solo album is filled with energy, kaijus, and friendship!

released December 3, 2019

In collaboration with Exit Mouse:


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    Getting some real Scott Pilgrim vibes here and I'm loving every minute of it.