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Hello friends! I am Black Tail! You may call me Blackie or Bitsy, or BT :)

Please see all of my commission info and prices here:

I've heard some good things about Weasyl, and so far I'm impressed 8> I hope to meet some fantastic artists here and get a good commission base as well!! For now, I'm always open for commissions and the occasional trade. Feel free to msg me anytime!



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Commissions Open for Vet Bils/Pet Meds

on 26 June 2016 at 15:09:03 MDT

Hey guys.

My kitties are sick. My kitten is getting better, but the conjunctivitis is now affecting my 4 year old cat, ONyx. The flesh around he eye is so swollen and gunked up that she can't see out of it unu. I'm gonna try to make her an appointment for Friday.

I've ordered l-lysine treats for them to help boost their eyes health and will be attempting to apply a warm tea bag to Onyx's eye (even tho she's gonna fight me about it <XD).

I don't know how much the vet bill will cost. Last time I took them both I was out 175$. I only be taking Onyx but I could really use some business. They are my babies and it makes me so upset when they don't feel well. If Onyx's eye gets better before then, any money made from commissions will go to taking care of them anyway. I buy high quality grain free cat food from Amazon. I get the Solid Gold kind, so I can guarantee the money will go to their well being either way..

Opening 3 slots for commissions! List appears below. If I get enough buyers, I'll make a 3 slot waiting list as well.

I also take donations for my kitties. If I can get enough commissions, once I'm finished with them, I may throw you a sketch if you donated.

Thanks for reading guys.

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