winter freshness by Brymcha

winter freshness


25 March 2019 at 15:19:49 MDT

2018 was a very busy year for me. graduation from a technical school, temporary work, development of a diploma, admission to the university and training in it, as it turned out, very difficult time. Constant stress, loads, and just a huge amount of work just finished my soul for the new year.
The university has a lot of advantages, all the same, they give a theory there, but I did not think that we would begin specialized subjects from the very first course. The problem is that most of these items are practical, and require the constant implementation of complex tasks. All the time I had to cut something, paint with gouache or watercolor, glue, draw, buy materials, and sometimes sculpt .... well, there was not enough time for drawing at all. Well, more precisely, I drew, yes, but purely tasks. Course work was on the topic of "another calendar", and it was necessary to portray with the help of selected animals or birds - their relationship to the year. How does it affect what they do for the whole year .... But the overall theme did not mean that we were doing something similar. not. work turned out completely different. Someone had this to do with symbolism, someone had a slightly different task. We did everything that came to our mind. experimented with textures and drawing techniques, with animal shapes and symbols ...
So I realized that I like to draw with my hands. no, not with brushes, not with pencils, but with fingers and palms. Mostly my whole curb consists of "manual" works, somewhere I just painted cranes with prints, somewhere I smeared paint. We all turned out just a huge pile of sketches. It was difficult to select only 12 samples.
There were a total of 8 practical subjects. In the first semester alone, we were given 4 term papers, which are a little different from the usual understanding of cursors. the whole bias was on creativity, and we paid a very small percentage to the text. there were tests for Academic drawing and painting, which I first encountered, but it turned out to close them all up with good grades.
At the moment I have a session, only three exams, which pleases. but at the same time there were 7 credits, which in principle is a lot.
There are already two exams behind, and it pleases. Soon you can relax a bit .....
Because of the stress, I often began to get cold, so the condition leaves much to be desired.
Some sketches of cranes I may edit for the goods, because there really are fit silhouettes.
Now I am developing a new kind of adapters, so I will try to surprise you.
And what about the new year .... For me, this new year has become a good holiday. I met him with people I love and love, and it pleases me. True, during the holidays I didn’t do anything, just otlezhivalas, again, because of my studies.
I hope your new year has gone the way you wanted, and you are fine.

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