The Webcam Show Title by Brushfire

The Webcam Show Title


16 September 2016 at 19:07:36 MDT

Alright lovelies,
So here is the title page for the new chapter of The Stable. This chapter is going to be a whole lot of fun, exploring The Stable world and characters a lot more then chapter one. I have been holding back posting this for a while to let my patreons get a little ahead and because of that there are currently two pages of this chapter already online on my patreon, check it out!

I post pages there every two weeks, I also post WIPs, concept art, sketches and early releases of finished works.
I am going to be posting the next page here on Oct 15th to let me patreons get a few more pages ahead and then I will go back to posting here every two weeks.
If you love the comic please consider supporting it, it takes a ton of work to do something like this and the more I can make off it the more pages I am able to budget into my schedule!

Much Love

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