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"Mist" by Sidonie by Bruma

"Mist" by Sidonie


"This adventure begins where it all started: the homeland of my ancient ancestors. Many, if not most, of their current descendants still live here, carrying on much the same lifestyle their forefathers did long ago. I may have had a very different, modern upbringing, but that does not present any barrier to the relationships I have cultivated with them. They like me, and I like them. We have more in common than our differences may suggest. I know there are others like them out there, so I figure this place will be a good starting point. I’m ready for whatever lies ahead…"
~ Bruma

I received this commission sooner than expected from Sidonie. She has it up on her dA and FA. (Go to it!)

Here we have Bruma, somewhere in the Highlands, fully equipped, setting out on his travels. I wonder what lies ahead...

To tell you the truth, the very first depiction of Bruma (also done by Sidonie) was more of a development piece, just to get a basis down. This is how I've pictured him all along, and Sidonie captured him perfectly. I couldn't ask for anything more!

Artwork © Sidonie (Vanessa Hughes)
Bruma © Me


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      I'm glad you think so!

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    i love the texture o the fur and your simple background ^..^

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      I do too!