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Suppressing Fire! (by HanMonster) by Bruma

Suppressing Fire! (by HanMonster)


A speedpaint commission done by the highly-skilled and hard-working HanMonster.

Here we have Bruma engaging off-screen enemies in an arid, desert environment, providing covering fire for his allies with a 7.62mm PKM machine gun. If the gun weren't enough, that fierce face should tell you he's the last person you want to mess with now!

Originally slated for 5 hours, it ended up taking 6, but my, the difference it made! I couldn't be any more pleased with how this turned out! It also helped that I was present when she streamed it so I could guide her and give pointers as needed. For all the effort put into this, it was totally worth it! I have nothing but praise for HanMonster for this!

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My post on FA.

Artwork © HanMonster
Bruma © Bruma (Me)


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