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Digital Studies by BronzeHeart92

The deadline was soon approaching. Ben Landis knew as much as he once again found himself staring at a computer monitor and brainstorming ideas for his essay. Before he could write a single letter however, a new window appeared on the screen. On it was Veemon, Ben's companion in the Digital World. Whatever he had to say, Ben hoped that it wasn't anything urgent.

  • What brings you here, Vee? Ben asked.

  • Oh, I was just checking on your progress, nothing more. Vee answered.

  • Well, as you can see I'm in a very awful situation. See, I'm supposed to write an essay on any of the 5 subjects of our choosing. But so far, I've been in a bit of a rut and since the deadline's in about 3 weeks, you can see how tough I'm having at the moment.

  • I understand. This is all about your future after all.

Was the truly all that Veemon had to say? Knowing how other interaction with him tended to go, Ben once again suspected that something's up back in the Digital World and Veemon wants him to join on an yet another quest, likely to close up a new Dark Spring that manifested in the world somewhere. Vee didn't sound urgent though so Ben put those concerns into the back burner for now. He could still remember when he first met Vee at the second year of Junior High. That gaming session with his friends that night was still etched that night.

  • What is the subject of your essay at hand? Perhaps I can help you in some fashion. Vee asked.

  • I'm still obviously brainstorming ideas here. But if I had to choose one right now, The Actions of United States in the Pacific Theater During World War Two seems quite attractive to me. As a history buff of sorts, I'll never miss an opportunity to flex my knowledge.

  • Sounds cool to me. Now, if there's some pieces of advice I can give you, it's to try and find a topic other than the usual Pearl Harbor or Atomic Bombings. If nothing else, I surmise that you might get better grades that way.

  • Something other than Pearl Harbor or Atomic Bombings, huh? Well, I do have one such topic in the form of the campaign in The Philippines that happened between December 8th 1941 and May 8th 1942. One of the worst defeats in the American military history, I would consider this topic really enlightening.

Saying those words, Ben glanced at a framed picture at a wall which depicted his great-grandfather standing alongside the rest of his regiment. He was one of the many casualties of that conflict and Ben also planned to honor his memory since the date of the deadline just so happened to coincide with the anniversary of his birth. Growing up, Ben has always viewed him as a hero and aspired to do great deeds to the world like him someday.

  • Judging by your longing glance, it seems that you also have a personal reason to tackle this topic. Veemon inquired.

Ben quickly snapped his attention back to the monitor.

  • Oh that, yeah. My ancestor to took part in that horrible event. A shell hit him so hard that all that remained of him were charred pieces. At least, that's what my family always told me. And to this day, it's still an important custom to visit his gravestone on auspicious days.

  • Yeah, memories and honoring your ancestors are important after all. Whoever your great-grandfather truly was as a person, he did everything he could for his people and his country.

  • Thank you for giving me that much needed encouragement regardless, Vee. I have a feeling that I'll be able to pass this with flying colors. Say, do me a favour and say 'hi' to Gatomon for me. Everytime I was adventuring with you guys, Gato's jokes never failed to make me smile.

  • That I can do, Ben. Take care.

At that, the window to the Digital World closed as if it was never there. Suddenly Ben's cell phone rang. Picking it up, he saw the name of his classmate and friend George Bauer on the screen.

  • Hello George. Ben said after accepting the call.

  • And hello to you Ben. How are you doing on your essay? The deadline's in 3 weeks and I'm getting a little worried.

  • Hey, at least now I know which topic to tackle thanks to Vee who just contacted me out of the blue.

  • Vee contacted you?

  • Yup. Thankfully he wasn't about to recruit us to a quest to seal an another Dark Spring or something.

  • True, we definitely would've been too tired to do anything after that excursion. So, what is the topic you've settled on?

  • The Actions of United States in the Pacific Theater. To be more specific, the campaign in Philippines and how tragic it was in the end. My great-grandfather was involved in that campaign and so it's kind of a personal topic for me to tackle as well.

  • I hope it goes well on your end too. That said, since Vee did contact you, I do have a feeling a new quest might be upon us after all. In that event, do give me and the rest of the Team a heads up, ok?

  • Of course. See you at school tomorrow.

After ending the call, Ben decided to head to bed and take a brief nap. Looking at the picture of his great-grandfather once more, Ben wished in his heart that the essay will be a success.

Digital Studies


8 January 2022 at 14:51:26 MST

It pays to have friends, digital or otherwise, to be on your side whatever it takes.

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