Dreams of Home by BronzeHeart92

Beautiful sunsets, the smiles on my children's faces, the dog lazily napping on the porch... These are the things I remember from home. And yet, everytime I wake up, I'm always reminded that I'm somewhere else. Specifically, a dingy prison cell in the middle of nowhere. Yes I know, no one likes a criminal. But there has to be a way to prove that I'm totally innocent of everything that happened during that fateful night...

It's true that traveling abroad always carries some risks. But the way I was framed for assault was still a very cruel thing to do when I was only trying to help that woman from being raped. In brief, the rapist TOLD the woman to sue me and I was arrested, interrogated, tried and finally put into prison. And as you might imagine, a 'criminal' of my status just so happens to be at the bottom of the prison totem pole. Although I'm sorta used to it by now, I still can't help but to wince everytime the fellow prisoners heckle, spit and even grope me. Thankfully, my request to have a cell of my own was at least granted allowing me to sleep my nights in peace. It's not exactly what I'd call habitable but it'll have to do. If only I had the foresight to take the other street while I still had the chance...

At least I have one friend in 'George'. Like me, he also got himself locked up under dubious circumstances. He's even willing to share some of his grub with me and shield me from the more dangerous inmates. Seeing as he's a former boxer, it's good to have valuable allies like him onboard. It was his idea for me to start writing this journal as well, to keep the horrible prison conditions from taking it's toll on my mind. They say that home is where your heart is. As painful as it is for me to admit it, this prison is my home for the next several years, all 25 of them. But despite this, I must not succumb to the despair. The dream must live on, I will prove my innocence with everything I've got!

I got in touch with my family today, after 3 long weeks. I said that everything will ok, that I will get out of here somehow. Unfortunately, the guy who raped that woman in first place is apparently quite an influential figure around these parts. If we are ever going bring the true criminal to justice, it needs to be a very delicate process. In the meantime, I'll find ways to convince the wardens to make the prison a more humane place. For human rights should apply even to criminals. Treating them like scum is only going to ensure that they're never going to be upstanding members of the society ever again.

It's been again a while since I last wrote in this journal. 'George' was unfortunately moved to a different sector which means I have to survive on my own. Did the wardens suspect we were planning to break-out? The bigger looking inmates are already out for my blood, I can feel it. Well, if this prison is to become my tomb, I'm prepared to go out with a bang! God forgive me...

Dreams of Home


4 June 2020 at 07:26:45 MDT

Unfortunately, miscarriage of justice can strike when you least expect it...

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