Heart and Soul by BronzeHeart92

Once upon a time, I was everything my parents wanted me to be. But all of that changed the moment my little brother died. I still remember it very well even though I wish I didn't...

We were having a picnic near the lake, the sun casting it's warm rays upon the scene. In a moment that was all too sudden, a beast whose species I can't be bothered to remember suddenly approached us from nowhere. We wisely decided to retreat while also making sure to not make any sudden movements. The beast's sinister glistening eyes meeting mine, I wondered if that was it. That it was my fate to perish at the beast's terrifying claws. In a moment that lasted a heartbeat, not a single gesture wasted, the beast pounced on my little brother. We immediately ran for it, never looking back.

That was 2 years ago. 2 long years spend alone, mourning in his memory. It's as if the Fates themselves have decided to torment me at every opportunity. And yet, there might be a silver lining to it all. A chance for me to truly start anew. If only I had a clear idea of just what my 'new beginning' would entail... Until then, I just hope everyone can listen to my story, to truly feel my torment. We all want our 'happy ending' and to some people, that's not a mere fairy tale. But the struggle one must endure to reach it, must not be hidden away. Even if the beast that attacked us back then is now dead, the shadow it casts never fades away.

Heart and Soul


31 July 2019 at 05:08:45 MDT

Not everyone can have a rosy life. And for some people, the trauma never goes away...

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