Old Grudges by BronzeHeart92

Hanamura. Normally, that very name would bring mind ancient wooden houses nestled alongside narrow streets, all blessed with an immaculate view of Mt. Kuroishi, said to be the second-most beautiful mountain in Japan right after Mt. Fuji itself. Too bad I wasn't going there as a tourist. You see, this picturesque town hides a very terrible secret, one only spoken about in hushed tones. It's where the headquarters of the notorious Shimada Clan are located and that's where I was being taken at, gagged and blindfolded. All in all, what was supposed to be a peaceful vacation is now ruined, perhaps fatally so...

After what seemed like an eternity, the blindfold was taken off and I instantly recognized the location I was in. A grand hall built entirely out of wood with barely any furniture. Across from me, sitting on top of a cushion, was the Shimada Clan patriarch, Satoru Shimada. Although looking fairly harmless, it's clear boundless fury and rage existed beneath that gentle facade. Beside him, scary looking Shimada goons stood in their polished suits and sunglasses, no doubt ready to beat me to a pulp should any confrontations ensue.

  • Mike McCree, I'm afraid you made quite a mistake coming back to Japan. Satoru said in a gentle voice.

  • What's it to you, Mr. Shimada. Your goons just had to knock me out, place me in the most cramped car imaginable and now I'm your 'guest', all tied up in this bloody chair. Look, I'm sorry if I crossed you at some point. But you gotta realize I left the underworld behind a long time ago. I replied to him right back. True, giving lip to crime lords isn't the wisest of actions to take. But then again, I was very desperate.

  • Still as defiant as always, McCree-san. We did give you one simple job. Assassinate the President of a chemical manufacturing company. And yet, you ran away. Tell me, what drove you to that decision?

I chuckled. Clearly, these guys have so fallen to the Dark Side that they're blind to anything resembling compassion and humanity.

  • Look, no matter what happens, I will NEVER forsake my humanity. NEVER! What you and your Clan desire is nothing but CHAOS! I swear, each and everyone of you will be destroyed! That I SWEAR!

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see several goons inching closer to my position. If this was the day I would die, I at least hope I can die with dignity...

  • McCree-san, surely you realize that within these halls, you're powerless. With my command, I can and will make your life forfeit. However, I am willing to give you a second chance. Fail and the Dragons will demand your sacrifice. Do you understand? Mr Shimada explained.

  • Alright, tell me what to do. Anything to regain my freedom.

  • We conducted extensive research on you and we have noted you're friends with a prominent AI researcher by the name of Philip Oxton. He is coming here early next week. Get close to him and kill him using any method you desire.

  • Philip? No, surely you must be joking...

  • Are you defying me again? Mr. Shimada practically shouted. I could see several Shimada goons cracking their knuckles now.

  • Ok, I will not let you down...

  • Excellent. Do this request and we are willing to overlook your past transgressions. Remember, we have eyes and ears everywhere. The Dragons never forget nor forgive. Now go. Escort the soul of Mr. Oxton to the afterlife by your own hands.

At this, Mr Shimada motioned for his goons to release me from the restraint. I was then escorted to the car that would take me back to the hotel. All I could do now is to pray both of us can make it out alive. And wonder why exactly the Shimada wanted him dead in first place...

Old Grudges


5 July 2019 at 08:59:38 MDT

Set in early 21st century of Overwatch timeline, Mike McCree gets kidnapped in order to settle old debts.

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