Living With Yourself by BronzeHeart92

I was studying all alone in the Great Hall for the upcoming exams. I am what you would call a model student and yet I still find myself struggling in Charms and Potions. Yeah, call me whatever you want but the fact is that I'm desperately needing for some help.

  • Ah, there you are. I was wondering why you weren't in the common room.

Looking towards the doors, I could see Pierce Wilde.

  • I'm sorry about that Pierce. It's just I really want everything to be perfect for the exams next week.

  • Yes, I understand what you mean Jack. I totally understand. In fact, I think Lysander happens to study harder than you. Even in bed all it takes is Lumos and it's back to studying. Pierce explained.

Indeed, Lysander has barely been with me at all these past few years. I still remember how we used to play Exploding Snaps on the weekends. But those are long gone. Besides exams, there was something else in my mind as well.

  • Let's be honest here. I have been all alone like my whole life. You guys are pretty much my only companions. What I truly desire is a wife to call my own.

  • Still thinking of a girlfriend?

  • Yes. I know it's asking a lot but maybe, just maybe there's someone out there who's willing to share her heart with mine. I lamented.

  • Yeah, I know that feeling. Tell you what, I think there's a spell that you should try out.

  • Spell? What are you talking about Pierce?

  • Something that I think for sure can help you in your quest. To be honest, it's a very old spell so I don't know many details. But the gist of it is that you gather seven different plants and put them on your bed. If you're lucky, you might see your future spouse in your dreams. Pierce said.

  • For real?

  • Now, you're supposed to do it when it's summer but I suppose there's nothing stopping you from doing it right now if you're so despeate. In any case, I must go and see today's Quidditch practice. See you back in common room.

  • Same. See you later Pierce. I replied.

As we parted ways, I started to focus again on my studies. Despite the lingering pressure, I have faith that my determination will show me the way...

Living With Yourself


23 June 2017 at 14:00:18 MDT

Spells doesn't have to involve wands.

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