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When Holidays Collide by Brock O'Meles

When Holidays Collide

Brock O'Meles

I was practically bouncing in my car-seat as Bella pulled the Purple Monster into the parking lot of the Hall. It was St. Patrick's Day, my favorite holiday as an Irishman, and I'd organized a little party slash get-together for the friends I'd made through the ARA. (That's Age Regressors Anonymous for those who might not know)

As luck would have it (ha!) I'd had an episode the day before and was currently just under 3 years of age, but for once I didn't particularly mind. All the folks coming to the party had similar problems as mine, and there was a good chance at least a couple of the others were gonna be little as well. Around these folks, my physical condition didn't particularly bother me. They were my support group.

"We're here, Chére." Bell called out as the beast drew to a halt. I squirmed against my restraints a little, eager to be on with the business at hand. My wife got out and came around the back of the Jeep to help me out of the seat. "We've got a couple hours to decorate the hall before people start arriving. They told me it would be unlocked for us, so why don't you go take a look around and check the place out while I unload the decorations."

Bella set me on the asphalt. "Ok hun. I'll go take a look around the place." I turned to scamper off into the building. "Brock, wait!" "Huh?" I stopped and turned around. "You forgot your hat." I giggled as Bella placed the sparkling green top-hat on my head. "Aye, I wanna look my best at all times, right?" Bella nodded with a smile and, giving me a playful pat on my rump, shooed me back towards the building.

As I opened the door and stepped into the shadowy hall, I was not impressed. Even in the dim light, I could tell the previous occupants hadn't bothered to clean up after themselves and had left quite a few Valentines Day decorations up. I sighed. Oh well, we'd just have to do a little clean up before we put up our own swag. We had plenty of time.

I flicked on the hall's light switch and went to see if I could tear down some of the old decorations. As I stepped into the light, I heard a sigh, and a soft voice mutter "uh... help?" Curious, I glanced around and was shocked to see that they REALLY hadn't taken down all of the decorations. Dangling from the ceiling was a monkey dressed as cupid. Wings, cloth diaper, bow in hand, and quiver of heart-shaped arrows on the floor, full regalia.

"Uh... what are you STILL doing here?" I asked quizzically. "Just get me down from here... please?" he replied, looking at me plaintively. "Bella! Can you give me a hand here?" I bellowed. She came running in, a box of green decorations in her arms. "Oh! You poor thing!" She dropped the box and rushed over, easily lifting the small monkey and un-clipping his harness from the cable. "What are you doing here, little one?" she asked as she set him on the dance-floor.

"Oh, just hanging around I guess. I can't believe they forgot me!" "You're not a baby, are you, you're like me." I said, though at this point that was pretty obvious. "Well, lucky you we came here today. It's the Age Regressors Anonymous St. Patrick's Day party. You're welcome to join us if you like." I said with a smile, then sniffed. "Er... AFTER Bella gets you cleaned up I think. I think my diapers will fit you properly."

Ryan © monkeyboy214
Story & Art © brockomeles

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