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GIFT - Cuddles - by Chuziku by Brock O'Meles

GIFT - Cuddles - by Chuziku

Brock O'Meles

24 January 2014 at 07:09:14 MST

I just love snuggling into Bella's warm fur. There's no particular reason, I just like being close to her, burying myself in the scent that IS her. It relaxes and soothes me, and just makes me happy.

Chuziku surprised me with this gift the other day, and... wow. I can honestly say that I don't think ANYBODY draws Bella closer to how I envision her in my head (myself included) better than he does. I've had three pics from him featuring Bella now, and each one captures her like no one else has been able to do. And this pic... phenomenal. OMG the fur textures and movement, the TAILS! O_O Thank you so much Chuzi, you're the best. :-)

Art © chuziku
Brock & Bella © brockomeles

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  • Link Like is it the same as fa? like :name icon: or whaaat? - Sidenote, this is PRESH. my gawd. so presh. <3

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      ! with no spaces. :3

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      grrr... I sent you a note with the info. Doesn't want to display properly here.

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    cute aaaa

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      Yeah, chuziku did am amazing job on this!

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    Such a koot n fwuffy lil babee ^^

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    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw o_O