COMMISSION - Patience of a Saint - by Acidgrunt by Brock O'Meles

COMMISSION - Patience of a Saint - by Acidgrunt

Brock O'Meles

8 January 2014 at 07:02:05 MST

Bella < Brock, chére?
Brock < Grrrrrrrr.... hmm?
Bella < You're getting slobber in my hair again...
Brock < grrrrrphhh.. mmmffff...

Have I mentioned before that Bella has the patience of a saint? I must have at some point. It should also be noted that Badgers play rough. Point is, I can BE a badger with her, which as a cub usually means I'm chewing on her to one extent or another. If it's not the hair, it's an ear. She'll play back most of the time, and I often end up well and thoroughly tickled, but sometimes she just simply tolerates it or tells me to go play with my plushy patrol or my blocks or something.

Absolultely AMAZING commission from acidgrunt who IS open for commissions and actually works through them pretty darn fast for this incredible level of detail.

Art ©
Brock & Bella © Brock O'Meles

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